2018 – Present: (EU Horizon 2020 Project N° 773330) “Green Aquaculture Intensification” (GAIN).
2016 – Present: (EU Horizon 2020 Project no 678193) “Climate Change and European aquatic RESources.” (CERES)
2015 – 2018: (EU Horizon 2020 Project nº 633476) “Ecosystem Approach to making Space for Sustainable Aquaculture.” (AquaSpace)
2015 – Present: European Space Agency “Sagres Validation Ocean Colour Portugal (SagValOC Port)” Agency ID nº. 13556. (Member of OLCI Validation Team)
2014 – Present: MERIS Validation and Algorithm 4th reprocessing – MERIS Validation Team (MVT) (CONTRACT NO: ARG/003-D25/1406/SAGREMARISCO)
2013 – 2016: (7th Framework Programme Project no 697325) “AQUAculture USEr driven operational Remote Sensing information services.” (AQUA-USERS). (SME partner responsible for chairing the Users Panel)
2013 – Present: Norwegian Research Council “Polywood” Field trial in the Algarve for non-toxic treatments of timbers for marine use.
2012 – 2014: 7th Framework Programme Project – Community Based Management of Environmental Challenges in Latin America (COMET–LA) (SME Partner responsible for leading WP1)
2009 – 2013: 7th Framework Programme Project – Knowledge-based Sustainable Management for Europe’s Seas Project. (KnowSeas) Development of advanced ecosystem models and methodologies for the management and the sustainable use of marine resources. (Postdoctoral scholarship from IMAR-Coimbra).
2008 – 2012: 7th Framework Programme Project – Water bodies in Europe: Integrative Systems to assess Ecological status and Recovery (WISER). (Responsible to IMAR-Coimbra for the Biological Quality Element, Phytoplankton)
2008 – 2013: European Space Agency “Technical Assistance for the Validation of MERIS Marine Products at Portuguese and Oceanic and Coastal Sites” ESA contract number (21464/708/I-OL- CALL ID 1048228) (Coordinator for this project)
2006 – 2011: 6th Framework Programme Project – Science and Policy Integration for Coastal System Assessment (SPICOSA) EU contract number (F6-2005-GLOBAL-0369922) (SME partner responsible for leading Field Training Experience)
2004 – 2007: 6th Framework Programme STREP Project – Ecosystem Approach to Sustainable Aquaculture (ECASA) (Sub-contractor to IMAR-FC T University of the Algarve Portugal).
2004 – 2007: Collective Research on Aquaculture Biofouling (CRAB) EU contract number (C OLL-C T-2003-500536). (SME partner)
2000 – 2003: Oceanographic applications to eutrophication in regions of restricted exchange (OAERRE) EU contract number (EVK3-C T-1999-00002) (Partner in the project)
1995 – 1998: Impact on Non-target Organisms of Anti-marine Wood Borer Treatments (PINTO), EU contract number (MAS2-C T0100). (Sub-contractor to the University of Algarve, Portugal).
1993 – 1994: Stock Dynamics, Interactions and Recruitment in North East Atlantic Squid Fisheries (EUROSQUID), EU contract number (AIR 1 C T920573). (Sub-contractor to the University of Algarve, Portugal).


2010 – 2011: Consultant to Administração de Região Hidrográfico (ARH) on the Implementation of the Water Framework Directive.
2009 – 2011: Responsible to IMAR-Coimbra for phytoplankton sampling at some Portuguese coastal and transitional waters.
2009 – 2011: Avaliação do Estado Ecológicos das Massas de Água costeiras e de transição e do potencial ecológico das massas de água fortemente modificadas (EEMA).
2008 – Ongoing: Consultant and partner with Finisterra Lda on “long-line” aquaculture for bivalves at Sagres. (Obtained a licence for offshore aquaculture) August 2010.
2008 – 2010: Field trial on behalf of TRADA (Timber Research and Development Association) UK and the Environment Agency UK concerning “Identifying novel hardwood timbers that are resistant to marine wood borer attack”.
2006-Ongoing: Consultant on the management of the stalk barnacle fishery along the Cape Saint Vincent to the Junta de Freguesia de Vila do Bispo and the Associação de Marisqueiros de Vila do Bispo, Algarve, Portugal.


2011: 3M RECITAL- Minho, Mondego, and Mira estuaries observatory: Long term variation of ecological status as a response to natural and human induced changes. Implications for management and restoration (Contract LTER/BIA-BEC /0019/2009) Responsible to IMAR Coimbra for Task 3 on phytoplankton.
2009 – 2011: “System dynamic response to an ample artificial RE-establishment of the upstream CONNECTion between the two arms of the Mondego estuary (Portugal): Implications for recovery, ecological quality status, and management (REC ONNEC T)” Fundação da Ciência e da Tecnologia, Portugal (Contract PTDC /MAR/64627/2006) Responsible to IMAR Coimbra Task 3 on phytoplankton.
2008: Management of a project at Nekton Lda (Algarve, Portugal) on behalf the University of Kalmar, Sweden concerning“Trials for the biomass production of a range of microalgal species”
2007 – Ongoing: Field trial on behalf of Portsmouth University UK and Amaethon York University UK concerning“ Digestion in marine wood borers”